BMIT Corporate Identity


We were asked to redesign the corporate identity of BMIT, giving them a more contemporary feel. As a Data Management Services company with future prospects in other fields, the company wanted something simple and non-specific, and an abstract indication of the services that they provide.

The white line running through the logo and the blue ‘dot’ on the ‘i’ are indicative of co-location and cloud services, while the ambiguity and simplicity of the design, allows for other services that are offered by the company.

A series of illustrations were selected to provide a cohesive and consistent image for the company, leaving room for abstract interpretation. Adding an element of fun to a highly technical subject matter.

Tone of Voice for any promotional material was to be intriguing, always using headlines that entice the viewer to read on. Body copy and brochure text was to be conversational and to avoid the heavy terminology that the IT industry tends to get bogged down with.